Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm A Sexy Girl

We played this one, but we sure fought over it. I think the gender bending was a little hard to take, even for me. Am I just being ridiculous? Getting the boys to sing back-ups on "sexy girl," battling over how to end it, everything was pulling teeth. I felt I had to sing the hell out of it to get it across. Played it very straight, as it's not always fun to be a sexy girl. Got a nice new-wavey disco vibe going, with some spooky keyboard by Jon. Turned into a favorite number by at least some circle of our fans.

When I played it with The Ks I used to say "I don't want to be anybody's hootchie cootchie girl" mostly because I love that phrase "hootchie cootchie" and want to bring it back. Still it seemed an antiquated thing for a young girl to be saying, so "hootchie cootchie girl" became "little candy girl." I'm already singing about being a sexy girl, I can't revamp slang at the same time. Fight the battles one at a time.

You can get the song for free HERE.

Here's a video of the band playing it. Well, Youtube is getting dodgy, so here's a LINK to the band playing it. Hopefully I'll remember to embed it once Youtube sorts things out.

Hey I remembered! Here it is.

It would be very sexy if you supported me financially!

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