Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too Good To Give Up (Too Hard To Take)

You can download this song by clicking HERE.

This is the song which I feel is most about the band The Ks, the one that broke up. It presents the dilemma I faced, what with the typical band headaches balanced by the rockingness of The Ks.

When the writing was on the wall (though not yet a done deal), we did have to decide whether to follow through on a number of summer gigs at The National Underground. The question was, do we really want our last shows, if they're really going to be our last shows, to be summer shows, which never have turnout (at least for us, though it's a typical New York problem what with everyone leaving town on weekends and vacations) and what would be the point if we're going to break up anyway? We were still in limbo when we played our first of these summer gigs, to an audience of one. Sealed the deal.

Wanted us to learn the song, and record it, as an epitaph, but that was a bridge too far. Did this interview for Indie and Unsigned where I talked up our (my) plan to make one more album. We did have two songs in the tank already, ("Lower Yer Standards" and and "Bring Back The Monday Night Drunk") plenty of recordable material, but I couldn't hold the beast together long enough to lay more stuff down.

Guess it was harder to take than it was to give up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get It Right (Get It Good)

Here's the first video from STBUMB. "Get It Right, (Get It Good)" It covers the whole theme/challenge of starting over after breaking up one's band and thus starts off the set.


Here's some trivia (and what is more trivial than some no-name wannabe rocker telling stories about his live shows?) for you. When I started the song, I realized that I hadn't pressed the record button on my recorder, and I thought I could pull off the, brief pause, "Excuse me sir can you press the button on that device there?" and go into the next verse, somehow maintaining the flow. I quickly realized that there was more to it than that, so I committed the cardinal sin of stopping a song (the FIRST song no less) in the middle, so I could jimmy with the device. An inauspicious beginning, probably what you can hear my brother Steve referring to at the start of the song when he says "This is great!"

Here is a FREE mp3 of the song, so you can love it forever. Feel free to give a donation so that I can continue making music and other art. I need benefactors!

You should download it by clicking on the title: Get It Right (Get It Good)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Welcome to Songs That Broke Up My Band. I'm (I originally typed "we're;" I'm so used to being in a group.) going to lay out the album a song at a time. My hope is that by sharing videos, text and pictures, this can be a more immersive and personal experience, and a more artistic way to download a free album. I do rely on donations, so please, if you're doing well, I urge you to donate to this site and to other artists you want to see continue in their art.